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There are many different regulations and policies that will determine which First Aid course you or your employees should have.

Under WSIB regulation 1101, companies with between 2 and 5 employees need to ensure that they have at least one person trained in Emergency First Aid and companies with 6 or more employees need to ensure that they have at least one person trained in Standard First Aid. However in order to be fully compliant; shifts, vacations, sickness and the possibility that it's the trained person who is injured must be considered. For these reasons, most companies have multiple people certified to make sure they are always in compliance.

Courses such as CPR (Level A, C or BLS) are not generally regulated by federal or provincial regulations, rather they're regulated by the individual industries or organizations. For instance, most medical fields require that staff maintain a current certification in Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR and some industries and sports organizations require that their members have current Level A or C CPR Certification.

These courses are also offered by some school programs such as SHSM, LEAP, ELP and some Co-op programs. As well, some employers will require students to have one of these courses before they are allowed to attend job placements.

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