Simulated open fracture during scenario
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London and area's longest running Red Cross Independant Training Partner.
Providing all levels of Workplace, Emergency Responder and Wilderness Courses plus Instructor Level training.

We train you like the life you save will be ours!


Advanced First Aid Course Information

If you are planning or are already involved in a career where more advanced skills are required or would be beneficial for advancement then either a First Responder or Emergency Medical Responder course may be what you are looking for. These courses take the knowledge from the Standard First Aid course and add advanced skills such as oxygen administration, c-collars, backboards, OPA (OroPharyngeal Airway), pulse check, rescue breathing, blood pressures and many more. Also added in is more advanced anatomy, physiology and assessment skills.

For 2014-2015, LMac Community CPR earned:

Top Training Partner award for Wilderness First Aid programs in all of Ontario  &

#1 for Red Cross Training programs for Southwest Region

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Emergency Medical Responder scenario  Preparing to move patient with SKED