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Welcome to LMac Community CPR

Your best choice for all levels of First Aid and CPR Training!

Latest News: Our neighbourhood pharmacy is now providing naloxone courses at our office again!

(For more news/info scroll down to or click on ''News''.)

Naloxone could be the difference between life and death for an Opiod poisoning. For more information, click HERE.

With the new Scouts Canada policies, leaders may need to have EMERGENCY, STANDARD or WILDERNESS First Aid.

The longest running Red Cross Training Partner in SW Ontario - teaching since 1994.

We teach EVERY Red Cross, First Aid or CPR related course.

Averaging 2000 certifications per year over the last 10 years.

ALL certified First Aid and CPR courses include AED training /  certification and are WSIB Compliant.

LMac Community CPR

offers the following courses:

(just click on the course name to go to that course)

Emergency First Aid

For smaller workplaces or those with an interest in learning CPR/AED plus how to respond to life threatening emergencies.
(8 hrs)

Standard First Aid

The most popular course for workplace, required by WSIB for companies with more than 5 employees. Includes all Emergency First Aid topics plus many additional topics.
(16 hrs)

CPR - Level 'A' or 'C'

Required by some associations or for those who want to know how to do CPR and use an AED.
(5 hrs)

CPR - Level 'BLS/HCP'

The medical level of CPR, includes pulse check, BVM and assisted breathing.
(4 hrs)

First Responder

For those who need a higher level of training for their work.
(40 hrs)

Emergency Medical Responder

The most popular course for those wishing to work in the EMS or advanced response fields.
(80 hrs)

Remote First Aid

The perfect course for anyone who paddles, camps or hikes where help could be hours away.
(20+ hrs)

Wilderness First Aid

Ideal if you lead groups in the wilderness or could be more than 24 hrs from help.
(40+ hrs)

Wilderness First Responder

Geared towards anyone looking for a career in Search and Rescue or more advanced First Aid at fixed remote locations.
(80+ hrs)

Marine Basic First Aid

Ideal for anyone who works or spends time in a marine environment.
(16 hrs)

Marine Advanced First Aid

Required for a Master or Officer certification under Transport Canada.
(40 hrs)

Heart & Stroke CPR Instructor

For anyone who would like to teach Heart & Stroke Foundation CPR courses.
(14 hrs)

Red Cross First Aid Instructor

For anyone who would like to teach Canadian Red Cross courses.
(32 hrs + online)

Partnering with and being part of the Canadian Red Cross and the Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada ensures quality training, quality material, and certification that is recognized by professional organizations world wide.

Your work environment or geographical location may affect the types of injuries/medical conditions you may encounter as well as the time you need to wait for emergency response which will affect the First Aid course you should be taking. The knowledge, critical thinking, and skills you gain from an LMac Community CPR course will aid you in caring for your family, friend or co-worker until medical aid arrives.

Our clients come from many fields including medical personnel (nurses, personal support workers, dentists & doctors), office staff, manufacturing, construction, skilled trades, Scouts/Guides  and other youth groups. While most of them have different training needs, they all have one thing in common - they took the time to learn how to help someone else who requires First Aid - from a basic bandage to full CPR.


Sept. 27, 2022:

• We are finally back to running with full class sizes of 18 at our teaching location and some courses are full well before the course date, so don't delay registering for a course you want.

• Due to people registering and then not attending, we require full payment prior to the course to guarantee your spot. Depending on the course you may pay by PayPal, E-Transfer, Cash or Corporate invoicing (if pre-approved). There is an additional fee applied to any late payments.

Mar. 15, 2022:

• Effective March 21st, Ontario is ending the mask mandate so they will no longer be required to be worn during class. While we will still encourage participants to wear masks, especially when close to other participants, it will not be a requirement so there may be participants who choose not to wear one.

Jan. 1, 2022:

Effective Dec 31, 2021 the extention to First Aid certificate expiries ended. This means that anyone whose certificate expires after that date will not be able to take a recertification course and will have to re-take the full course.

Apr. 2, 2021:

As an essential service we were able to continue teaching through the previous lockdown and are continuing to offer all our courses either at our teaching location or at a client's site during the current lockdown.

The following details are included in Enhancing Public Health and Workplace Safety Measures in the Provincewide Shutdown, a resource published by the Government of Ontario. In part, it says:

• In-person health and safety training is allowed (page 27)
• Class size is based on facility space (page 10)
• First Aid training is permitted (page 27)

Oct. 15, 2020:

Canadian Red Cross has now released their new Wilderness First Responder program!

The Wilderness First Responder program has just been released by the Canadian Red Cross and will be available from LMac in January 2021!

While this course is generally taken by people who will be providing professional level First Aid, such as Search & Rescue services in a wilderness environment, it is also a great course for those who are applying for employment in a wilderness setting where a higher level of training is an advantage or for those with an interest in taking their Wilderness First Aid to the next level.

This course is a combination of the skills, knowledge and equipment that a First Responder would use in an urban setting and the longer term care abilities plus other skills that a Wilderness First Aider would use in a wilderness setting.

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